Function of a Professional Website Designer

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Published: 12th February 2013
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Characteristics of a professional website design

There are a particular factors to think about when designing a website for your business.

Characteristics of a professional website design:

• Visually appealing design – the visual appeal is crucial in professional web design, a superb website design creates a good and lasting first impression.

• Custom branding – an excellent website design must reflect your company’s brand. The colour scheme and overall theme must incorporate your brand. There must be a common theme for the webpage & other promotional material and documentation used by your business.

• Follow latest trends – trends are something that regularly changes so it is rather essential for your company’s website to follow the latest trends & those trends includes the general design along with the functionality of the design.

• Easy to use navigation – clear and easy navigation is needed for the shoppers to purchase products from the webpage. For usability and browser consistency standard navigation need to be used. There are 2 types of navigation:
§ Primary navigation – this contains links to big sections of your website. It also needs to be easily evident & placed above the fold.
§ Secondary navigation – consists of links such as terms, privacy policy, sitemap and the rest and that is placed in the footer of your website.

• Well written content – content is vital for your web page which should have quality language and grammar. It must be seen that it is well formatted correctly & presented neatly. The content must have correct spacing, font size, and appropriate heading to improve the usability of the search engine rankings.

• Optimized images – proper images create significant contributions to the whole size of the web pages. The ideal web resolutions for images is seventy two dpi that is smaller in file size when compared with print images, this may indeed increase website speed & reduce the loading rime of the web sites, resulting in better usability & improved search engine rankings.

• Clear structure – the structure of the web site is important as it ensures the customer to find the knowledge with ease. The good structure can even improve the navigation and usability & help your webpage to get ranked in higher search engines.

• Effective call to action – call to cation refers to elements that encourage website visitors to adopt a desired action & effective call to action is very important to generate sales or else leads on your webpage.

• Good header and footer – headers and footers are vital for webpages, headers has one of the best visibilities.

• Contact information – full contact details raises the confidence of the customers and makes the website trustworthy

The assistance of a professional website designer is actually important if you would like your web page to the higher positions. Here are 3 significant qualities of a professional website designer which will assist you find the most effective one:

• Ability to fulfill the deadlines – maintaining the deadlines is among the important factors in any project. The web designer has to prove his ability to deliver the project within the allotted time to make sure that there isn't a resultant loss on the part of the client.

• Sticking to budget – the following factor to be given significance may be the budget; the web designer you choose need to be able to come up with a full estimate of the price before working on the project.

• Creativity – everything must be designed with creativity and a good web designer must demonstrate creativity in wide-ranging circumstances.

The professional website design is about a balance between a range of elements of the web page, to know more about it Visit now

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